Violeta GarciaVioleta Garcia-Lepore, DDS

Dr. Violeta Garcia-Lepore graduated from dental school at Stony Brook in 1992. Since then, she has consistently continued her education. Her commitment to continuous dental education shows in the time she dedicates to it. It is required that she attend 20 hours of dental education per year, but Dr. Garcia-Lepore likes to do 100 hours in a year. She has been practicing in the area for ten years.

Dr. Garcia-Lepore has completed the AGD Fellowship and ICOI Fellowship. She is licensed in sedation dentistry and is ACLS certified. Additionally, she has attended numerous hands-on courses at Spear Education Center.

For 25 years, Dr. Garcia-Lepore has been married to John Lepore. Together, they have three children, John, Christopher and Valerie. She enjoys traveling and cooking.

Dr. Garcia-Lepore wants to provide patients with the best dental care available so they can achieve optimal dental health. She loves doing dentistry and treats patients like she would treat her own family.

Meet Our Team

SharylizSharyliz Martinez — Receptionist/Insurance and Billing Specialist

For the past couple of years, Sharyliz has worked at Dr. Violeta Garcia-Lepore Family Dentistry as a receptionist and insurance and billing specialist, although she has been in the dental field since 2013. She enjoys providing her patients with the best service and care with the latest technology available. Her passion is helping others. She says that her professionalism and experiences have enabled her to provide the highest level of patient services.

When she isn’t working, Sharyliz enjoys spending time with her fiancé and their two beautiful daughters and their dog. She loves to Latin dance and go to different campgrounds with her family.

VitaVita Musiyevich — Registered Dental Hygienist

For four years, Vita has been working with Dr. Violeta Garcia-Lepore. She graduated from the dental hygiene program at Monroe Community College in 2014. She enjoys working with patients and teaching them proper oral care. She is friendly and team-oriented.

Vita moved to the U.S. from Ukraine in 2006. Her husband is Peter. Together, they have a two-year-old daughter named Mila Rose. Vita and her husband are expecting a second baby soon! She loves photography, especially if she is taking photos of her daughter. Vita and her family enjoy traveling together, even if it isn’t far away.

JeshlieJeshlie M. Ramos — Dental Assistant

The newest member of our dental team is Jeshlie. She loves being immersed in a learning environment at Dr. Violeta Garcia-Lepore Family Dentistry. She says that each day she works at the practice makes her a better person and teaches her new techniques. Jeshlie is friendly with her team and patients. She likes to set a good example. She hopes that her patients will feel welcome and comfortable with her.

Jeshlie has a beautiful one-year-old daughter, who she loves spending time with. Together, they go on fun outings.